Be Active

So i thought my computer had a virus. So there was NO way i was logging into my blog on it. I have limited options on the wordpress app on my phone so i have been neglecting really starting this blog. I finally my S&#! is together and have a Chromebook. I cant wait to make ALL OF THE BLOG POSTS!



This past May Ive stared propagating succulents. It is actually so easy and i thought i generally killed a lot of plants. Since then i cant go without stopping at a garden center when i see one, i search empty trays at the stores for leaves growing roots (and I find them!) growing mystery succulents is awesome!. I cant wait until all mine are ready to plant on their own, except i don’t know where i will put them all at at that point but i will find some place


These are some of my beautiful young succulents. This is my first time doing this so i don’t know when the right time to pick them off their leaves is but I’ve read the leaf will die and fall off. None of mine are at that point yet, or even close it seems so I will wait some more.

So much fun!


915m5cZR22gSbSMFBm6lETsDUYEHT1puRkUIBs4oiMs=w569-h758-noI like to take Polaroids and then give them away.



I cant remember if this was May two four weekend up North, or if we were  at Fanshawe.  I love polariods on the water!


I have decided to start a blog, for many reasons. One of which is I need an outlet to motivate me to do the things I love regardless of how busy I feel like life is or in those times you’re just not feeling it and you justify doing nothing for what can seem like forever. I have been really trying to practice positive thinking and focusing less on the negatives. Really? Are some of the bad things in life SO bad?. It appears there is no better way than a blog to encourage me to spread the positivity and some of the fun things I do in the little spare time I have to stay happy and feel fulfilled. I am a victim of getting the mundane work blues. I work at a tax consultant office and I am constantly trying to save a buck and have a good time doing it. The main focus of my blog is going to be positive thinking, tips for staying happy and thankful for what you have in life. The food I like to cook on a cheap budget. Plant life, I indulge on propagating succulents and will share my journeys of propagation!. DIY and crafts on a budget, I’m always make shifting something into something else. As well as other random interests and hobbies of mine that I acquire. There’s no saying what I will find myself getting into!. I hope you enjoy my blog whether you’ve just stumbled upon it in the beginning phase or if you find it keen and keep up with my positive journey to loving life!.